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We encourage you to carefully read our privacy policy. By sharing your personal information with us, you accept this privacy policy. This privacy policy describes how Cutters AS collects and uses personal information about you. The statement includes information about your rights regarding the collection of personal information through our website (Personal Data Act § 19) and general information on how we process personal information (Personal Data Act § 18, first paragraph). Cutters AS is responsible for the processing of personal information collected on

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the provisions of the privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to the use of our products and services, as well as visits to our websites from November 13, 2023, onward. We will update the privacy policy date with any changes.

How to Opt-Out of Cookies

You can easily opt-out of the use of cookies by adjusting the security settings in your browser. Below are links to instructions for the most commonly used browsers:


  • Personal Information: Any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual.
  • Location Data: All information indicating the geographical position of your device using the internet.
  • Anonymized Information: Information from which elements enabling identification have been removed.
  • Processing of Personal Information: Any use of personal information, including collection, storage, alteration, targeting, and deletion.
  • Cookies: A small amount of data received by a browser from websites visited by the user, stored as a file on the user's hard disk/storage device.

Personal Information We Collect and Process

We store personal information such as name, email address, and phone number. Through marketing activities, we may use anonymized information such as gender, birthdate, residence, and your friends. We will never be able to retrieve the anonymized information and link it to individuals. Through some third parties, we may match our collected information about you with the third party's own information about you. For example, we can match our customer list with Schibsted's system and find individuals we both have in our lists.

When Do We Use Personal Information?

We use personal information in connection with:

Service Delivery: See the attached PDF for the privacy statement regarding the purchase of haircuts and products.

Marketing and Analysis: Through third parties such as Meta (Facebook/Instagram), Snapchat, Schibsted, and TikTok, we can handle anonymized data linked to your activity on

We use anonymized data to gain necessary insights for conducting marketing activities and improving the user experience. These activities include:

  • Creating target groups for marketing activities, including removing our customers from our marketing where possible.
  • Customizing marketing based on past activities and expected needs.
  • Sending newsletters and other forms of direct marketing.
  • Analyzing the market, customer experiences, and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Match: With some suppliers, currently Schibsted, Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok, we can match our collected customer data with the third party's user lists. In practice, we compare lists of profiles (customers) with each other, with the purpose of finding the profiles we both have in our systems. In this process, we mainly use names, phone numbers, and email addresses. If your information is not with the supplier, the information will not be stored with them. The information is transmitted and matched encrypted, making it impossible for us or the supplier to see specific information about you. This is done to remove you from marketing tailored to new customers, which would be perceived as noise and irrelevant to you as an existing customer.

To send newsletters and information via email/SMS, we need you to provide us with information about your phone number and email.

Legal Basis, Storage, and Deletion

We believe we have a legitimate interest in conducting marketing and analysis using customer matching and cookies, and that our interest outweighs any potential disadvantages the processing may have for you. Information about customer matches is deleted immediately after the match is made and no later than within 30 days.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies and similar technologies on our website. Cookies provide us with insight into the usage patterns of visitors and the number of visitors to the site.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Functional Cookies and Service Provision: Cookies make it easier to provide a good user experience. For instance, you can avoid inputting your phone number multiple times, as the service will automatically remember such details.
  • Service Development: Cookies help us monitor the use of our digital services to improve them. For instance, we collect information about which of our webpages are visited the most, whether users come from external websites, and how long users stay on our website. The time you spend on our pages is logged, however you remain anonymous to us. We track how far down you scroll on the page, as well as mouse clicks.
  • Usage Analysis: We use cookies to gather information about the number of visitors to our websites and digital services, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.

The following cookies are used on

Google Analytics places these cookies on your machine: "_ga" and "_ga_N074D2XRJE." Google Ads may, in some cases, retrieve data via Google Analytics. Additionally, Google Ads places these cookies on your machine: "_gcl_au." Hotjar places these cookies on your machine: "_hjFirstSeen" and "_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress." Microsoft's web analytics and advertising tools (including Bing) place these cookies on your machine: "MR," "MUID," "SM," "_uetsid," "_uetvid," "SRM_B," "ANONCHK." Through Google Tag Manager, a system for managing tracking codes, these cookies are placed: "_hjSessionUser_2704176," "_clck," "_tt_session," "_hjIncludedInSessionSample_2704176," "guid," "_clsk." The "Cookie script" tool may be used to extract information about cookies. Cookie Script Report

Note: Cookies may change names and functionality over time without notice. We recommend visiting the link above to stay updated on any changes.

Third-Party Programs Used by Cutters AS

We use the following third-party software and tools to deliver our services and improve the user experience. When you use our services, you also accept the use of these third-party programs:

  • Google Analytics: For the collection and analysis of usage patterns and traffic on our website.
  • Google Ads, Meta Ads Manager (Facebook and Instagram advertising), Snapchat, TikTok, Delta Projects: For targeted marketing to relevant audiences based on anonymized information about activities on our website.
  • Klaviyo: For sending newsletters to subscribers. We collect email addresses from voluntary subscribers and send relevant updates and offers.
  • Google Tag Manager: For connecting and managing cookies and scripts.

Your Rights

You have the right to access the personal information we process about you. You can also request correction of inaccurate information or deletion of information we no longer have a basis for retaining. If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us at [email protected].

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time to reflect any changes in our services or applicable privacy regulations. Changes will be published on our website, and the last updated date will be changed. We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy to stay informed about how we process your personal information.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this privacy policy or wish to exercise your rights as described above, you can contact us at the following contact information:

Cutters AS

Organizational number: 916 024 649

Inquiries: [email protected]

Updated 13.12.2023

Download our PDF file describing Cutters privacy conditions and how we process personal information and cookies across all countries